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Welcome to Investment Hub

Investment Hub is a initiative of Mr. Sumit Srivastava. Mr. Sumit Srivastava is a renowned name in Insurance Industry. In last 15+ years, Mr. Sumit Srivastava, A Motivational Trainer and Life Insurance Consultant have attained excellence, by sharing, encouraging thoughts with Employees, Customers and Agents. Being a Speaker, he has created a Landmark in the whole his Industry, got recognitions like MDRT (USA), COT (USA) in initial 4 Years after entering in Industry, by establishing his own company (SBS Insure-Parent Co. Investment Hub). Working with extremely enthusiastic team his core objective is to do Efficient financial planning for his Customers. With same objectives ,in same direction he had taken an initiation in form of INVESTMENT HUB.

Investment Hub was incepted in the year 2004 under the strong guidance of Mr. Sumit Srivastava , who has been part of few major multinational General Insurance companies like IFFCO-TOKIO, ICICI Lombard and Universal Sompo General Insurance , experience of 8 years.

Investment Hub is a well known financial consultancy based at Faridabad, India and, is specialized in Insurance, mutual funds, portfolio management and investment planning. After thoroughly understanding the needs of our Client, we at Investment Hub, provide investors with a disciplined investment approach that takes acceptable risks, while reducing volatility in the portfolio.

Equity Funds create wealth for investors by investing in well-managed companies that are attractively valued, and are generating (or are in the position to generate) sustainable cash flows in the future. Both our corporate and individual clients get to choose from a variety of structured, diversified investment options that meet their investment needs at all stages in their life.

Not only this, Investment Hub is handled by a team of strong and intellectual professionals whose target is to understand the customer financial aspect and give a best solution to meet their needs. "Our mission and philosophy is to help businesses and people meet their financial goals by providing quality investment solutions."

Market Updates

  • Budget 2019: Here are the new income tax slabs, rates Budget 2019 Income Tax Slab Rates Changes Expectations: Individuals with a gross income of Rs 6.5 lakh will have to pay no tax if they make an investment. Goyal also said standard deduction would be raised from Rs 40,000 to Rs 50,000.
  • LIC Housing Finance reports 26% jump in Q3 profit FM on Friday proposed to spend Rs 75,000 crore on farmer support.
  • The Finance Minister on Friday announced a 21 per cent jump allocation for the north-eastern region at Rs 58,166 crore, which may uncork the untapped logistical efficiencies of the region.


What do you mean by Guaranteed Additions?

In case of some policies, the Life Insurance Corporation provides the policyholder with the bonus or the profits declared as a certain amount per thousand of sum assured. This assured bonus will be given to the policyholder whatever be the performance of the corporation for the period in question. These are Guaranteed Additions and are paid at the end of the term of the policy or in case of the early death of the policyholder.

What are Loyalty Additions?

In addition to the Guaranteed Additions for certain policies the Life Insurance Corporation declares further additions, which benefit the policyholder. This is usually an amount declared per thousand of sum assured every five years, depending on the corporation's performance. This is known as Loyalty Addition.

What is Final Addition Bonus?

Final addition bonus is paid for with profit policies with term 15 years or above in the year of maturity. Insurer creates the reserve fund under each policy to meet future unexpected liabilities. If the experience is better, then at the time of maturity such reserve fund is distributed in form of Final addition bonus. As the term of policy is more the final additional bonus will be more

What is Surrender Value?

When a policyholder wishes to encash his policy due to urgent need of cash he returns back the policy to the insurer for which is entitled to an amount. This is called surrender of policy or termination of the policy before the stipulated period. Policies can be surrendered provided it is kept in force for atleast 3 years. If it has been in force for five years the bonus is also added to the surrender value.

How do I revive a lapsed policy?

A lapsed policy can be revived during the lifetime of the assured, but within a period of 5 years from the due date of the first unpaid premium and before the date of maturity. Revival of a lapsed policy is considered either on non-medical or medical basis depending upon the age of the life assured at the time of revival and the sum to be revived. If the revival of the policy is completed by payment of over-due premium within 14 days from the expiry of the grace period, only the late fee for one month has to be paid.

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